Thursday, June 24, 2010

Race Dates

Welcome to Night Marathoning!

Love the 26.2?
Love the trails?
Love the peacefulness and tranquility of the evenings?

How about running a trial marathon at night for a fun week night?

You found what you are looking for. We are a small group of marathoners and ultrarunners who explore our local trails together and log in some heavy mileage: a marathon to be exact on a regular basis. So come join us! Bring your trail gear and head lamp for a night of fun!

No crowds. No spectators. Self-supported... Just you and the trails. Just like in the good 'ol days. Plus a special medal to reward your accomplishment. Please email us, Nadia or Troy, at for more questions.

Future Races:
Night Marathon #1 9/16/10
Night Marathon #2 9/23/10
Night Marathon #3 9/30/10
Night Marathon #4 10/14/10
Night Marathon #5 12/8/10
Night Marathon #6 12/22/10