Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2010 Races

Bring your trail shoes, hydration system, & headlamp because we are hitting the trails this fall and winter on a week night start time at 7:00pm where miles of trails await us!! Be prepared to play in the dirt and meet other crazy runners who simply love to run.

Night Marathon #1 - 9/16/10 Topanga
Night Marathon #2 - 9/23/10 Topanga
Night Marathon #3 - 9/30/10 Hellman
Night Marathon #4 - 10/14/10 Topanga
Night Marathon #5 - 12/8/10 Topanga
Night Marathon #6 - 12/22/10 Topanga *Canceled due to rain

We meet at either Topanga Canyon Park at Alhama Dr. & Mulholland Dr. in Woodland Hills OR Hellman Wilderness Park at Orange Dr. & Greenleaf Ave. in Whittier. Please arrive 30 min. prior to start time to allow for parking, registration, and receive course info.

Topanga Canyon Park
101 fwy
Exit Canoga Ave. head South
Left on Golondrina St.
Right on Alhama Dr.
Free parking along Mulholland on dirt road

Hellman Wilderness Park
605 fwy
Exit Whittier Blvd head East
Left on Greenleaf Ave.
Free parking lot on righthand side after Orange Dr.

We would highly appreciate you notify us that you plan to run a particular race at least two days prior to know how many runners to expect. Each individual race is subject to closure night prior due to lack of registrants. Please review website for any last minute changes. On race day, you will sign the waiver, pay $5 reg fee, run, & enjoy your evening accomplishment under the stars with another medal to add to your collection. No bib, no shirt, no hassle. Just you and the dirt!

Night Marathon #1 - 9/16/10
1. Sarkis Defterderian 4:41
1. Jayme Burtis 1:50
2. Shangrila Rendon 2:21
3. Steve Hernandez 2:59
4. Troy Levosky 2:59

Night Marathon #2 - 9/23/10

1. Ed Ettinghausen 5:33
2. John Wog 5:33
3. Sarkis Defterderian 5:49
1. Nadia Ruiz 2:21
2. Jennifer Mackie 2:21
3. Troy Levosky 2:21
4. Erik Schnautz 2:22
5. Steve Hernandez 2:22
6. Jayme Burtis 2:30

Night Marathon #3 - 9/30/10

1. Ed Ettinghausen 6:53
2. Steve Hernandez 6:53
3. Sarkis Defterderian 7:00
4. Nadia Ruiz (8mi)
5. Troy Levosky (8mi)

Night Marathon #4 - 10/14/10
1. Troy Levosky 5:32
1. Jayme Burtis 2:20
2. Erik Schnautz 2:22
3. Jennifer Mackie 2:22

Night Marathon #5 - 12/8/10
1. Ed Ettinghausen 5:05:48
2. Troy Levosky 5:34:01
3. Sarkis Defterderian 6:01:43
1. Erik Schnautz 3:12:44
2. Steve Hernandez 3:12:44
3. Ed Ettinghausen 2:25:03 (late start)

Additional Info:
Please be prepared with attire and other miscellaneous gear to run in the trails. Race is primarily self-supported and the entire course will be on dirt paths so bring any items you see fit such as garmin device, trail shoes, gaiters, running belts/camelpaks, energy gels/bars, headlamp/flashlights, etc. See you there! Email Nadia or Troy for more info at or contact us directly via text.